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13. november 2015

New way to make OR procedures more efficient and to save costs

Hospitals and clinics today are having access to great new technology that help them take better care of their patients, for example, imaging systems that play a major role in both diagnostics and surgical procedures. At the same time, the staff needs to adapt to using new systems and various user interfaces at an increasing speed.

Merivaara has come out with a new solution that will help health care providers to use new technology in a more efficient way, to make processes smoother and to save costs. The new OpenOR™ Lite is a flexible, vendor-independent system that enables handling and archiving of images and video from different types of camera sources through a single user interface.

Using one documentation system for different imaging devices gives more flexibility and enables smooth procedures, cost savings and, most important of all, improved patient safety.

OpenOR™ Lite is particularly suitable for mobile use. It can act as a recording system for any vendor’s camera device, such as endoscopes, microscopes, C-arms and ultrasounds. Therefore it is not only suitable for the operating theatre; it can also be used to archive images and video taken during examinations. By integrating the system to the hospital’s PACS and HIS, these are able to save a lot of valuable time and to keep track of patient data.

Moreover, the remote consultation option enables optimized use of resources - whether the team needs to consult an external surgeon or they wish to run training classes with video streaming from the OR.