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23. november 2012

Promerix operating table with new features

Merivaara’s electro-hydraulic operating table, Promerix™, has been updated with a range of new features.

New drive wheel for improved ergonomics

The new electric drive wheel offers improved ergonomics in patient transport. With the new electronic drive wheel, the table can be easily moved forward and backwards with a joystick. As a safety feature, it has an automatic speed limitation. This drive wheel is a factory-assembled optional feature.

Modern, intuitive touch-screen hand control

Merimote™ is a new concept for controlling operating tables in a simple manner. It is currently available for the Promerix surgical table.

With its intuitive touch-screen, Merimote is a hand control that is really simple to use. It provides user-friendly, heuristic feednack and an unmatched number of positions that can be memorised for future use.

Manage Promerix through Storz OR1 system

To give customers more flexibility, Merivaara focuses on offering open solutions, that is, products and systems that can be integrated with other vendors’ products and systems. This gives customers freedom to choose their preferred equipment.

Together with Storz, Merivaara has prepared an interface between Promerix operating table and Storz OR1TM NEO integrated operating room control system. The OR1 is widely used for adjusting and monitoring devices like operating tables, lights, cameras etc.

The interface is available for both Promerix operating table models, sliding and B3, as an optional feature.