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27. juni 2019

At the heart of the hospital

Operating room innovation house Merivaara strengthens its position at the heart of the hospital by bringing new technologies to improve OR efficiency, comfort and safety for clinical staff and patients. The technology leader in operating room integration systems and surgical lighting is now striving for excellence with the launch of two new operating tables Practico and Promerix.       

“I am very proud and happy,” says Merivaara CEO Jari Kaija. “We are a 117-year-old company and are now embarking on a new era with leading operating room technology. We are at the heart of the hospital.”

Merivaara invited major partners and customers to view the expansion of their OR portfolio with the launch of two new operating room tables. Following Merivaara’s human-centric design philosophy, the Practico and Promerix were created for the human on the table and the humans working around it.

Additionally, participants got to experience the award-winning Q-Flow surgical light and industry-leading OpenOR solution, which integrates operating room devices, data and image management.

“With this addition to our portfolio we have proved that we are a technology leader in OR solutions,” Kaija continues. “Our technology is top-of-the-line and among the best in the world in giving value to our customers.”

The new, smarter Practico

The new, smarter Practico is one of the world’s most versatile operating tables for elective procedures. Packed with smart technology, it has been designed to meet changing patient demographics and the evolving medical industry. Flexible, mobile operating tables are becoming more common in the industry because of the rise of minimally invasive surgeries.

A lower table is important for older patients so it is comfortable to sit upon, and it is also critical for surgeons so they can work comfortably, no matter their height. The Practico Max Hi goes up to 1,143 mm (45 inches), while the Practico Max Lo goes down to 540 mm (21.3 inches), making one of the lowest mobile tables on the market.

“Tables for day surgeries and electives need to be quickly prepared for the next patient,” says Jyrki Nieminen, Merivaara’s CTO. “The Practico is designed for quick and easy cleaning. The screws are hidden so matter doesn’t accumulate on them. The base is sloped so fluids flow off. When we developed the bellows we made sure that a finger could reach in to the bottom of the grooves.”

The robust table has a 400 kg (882 pounds) lifting capacity. With its height adjustability, tilt angle, Trendelenburg angle, and angles for both the back and leg sections, the Practico is extremely adaptable.

The Grand Promerix

Promerix is a heavy-duty, electro-hydraulic operating table for demanding surgeries. The table is among the most technically advanced in the industry and is both sturdy and versatile. With a lifting capacity of 490 kg (1,080 pounds), Promerix has a modular table top and comprehensive range of accessories for all patient sizes and each surgical procedure.

The updated table was designed to make the lives of the operating staff easier. Inwards cutouts increase foot space so the surgeon can get closer to the patient. A new slim base gives increased C-arm access. New bellows, seat section and hidden castors makes it easier to clean.

“A surgeon might operate for ten hours on a patient for a major procedure, and we created the ergonomics of Promerix to make her job as easy as possible,” Nieminen says. “Additionally, we considered how the other OR team members work. Where will be the nursing staff? How can the anaesthesiologist do his job? Where will they put their trollies? The OR staff should concentrate on their patient, not their equipment.”

The mobile Promerix is intended for major surgeries and includes a range of options for specialised procedures, including divided leg sections, gynaecologic sections, a shoulder arthroscopy section and a variety of head rests. It is also suitable for robotic surgery and imaging.

A future of innovation

“I’m impressed with what I saw from Merivaara today,” says event participant Sam Parry, Clinical Sales Manager for Bender UK. “These innovations are helping to set the trend in the industry. I’m excited about the future and bringing the most value for our customers.”

Kaija hopes that the event’s participants see Merivaara as their partner in operating theatre productivity. He cites Merivaara as a fast, agile innovation house bringing top quality solutions to increase OR efficiency, comfort and safety.

“We know how important a team is. It wasn’t one individual, but the whole Finnish national team who won the 2019 Ice Hockey World Championship,” Kaija says. “I am very proud of our winning team at Merivaara, who are the best innovators in OR technology. They are 110 per cent committed to give the best benefit to our customers.”


For further information:

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Merivaara group is a leader in intuitive healthcare technology and industrial design, with surgery room solutions being a key focus and growth area. The company was established in 1901 and improved hospital hygiene with their metal beds. Today, Merivaara’s software, equipment and services improve patient safety and increase the quality and efficiency of surgery operations in leading international hospitals. The company is active in more than 120 countries. Merivaara Q-Flow surgical light won the Red Dot Award and Fennia Prize Grand Prix in 2017.