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14. juni 2016

Increased usability and smart design for the operating room

Merivaara Corp., a Finnish provider of hospital furniture and operating room systems, has created a new concept, Merivaara Fluent™, that will enhance operating room technology and increase the usability of ORs. It achieves this by helping the nursing staff focus on what they do best and by improving hygiene levels and reducing the risk of infection, thus furthering patient safety and quality of care.

The new concept builds on Merivaara's integrated operating room control system, which has been very well received and is already being used in several countries. With this concept, Merivaara is taking its design philosophy to create user-friendly equipment further into other product areas.

”Operating rooms usually have many different devices and several user interfaces, such as a wall panel, a computer or a control panel on the unit itself. The fact that these user interfaces are not made in a logical or visually uniform way affects usability, and the operating room staff will often have to spend too much time learning how to use them,” explains Jyrki Nieminen, Director of R&D and Product Management at Merivaara.

“Our aim is to make the functions easy to understand, consistent and uniform, whatever the device.”

The latest addition to the new concept is a surgical light, Q-Flow™, which has been developed in close collaboration with end-users. Boasting a host of outstanding technical features, the new surgical light has been designed with optimal operating room ventilation in mind. This will help keep the air around the patient clean, thereby reducing the risk of infection.

Boosting competitiveness through collaboration

With the new concept, Merivaara is setting its sights firmly on expanding into more foreign markets and increasing its share of Finland's home market. Finnish know-how in health technology is highly appreciated worldwide, and Europe alone will see around EUR 50 billion invested in health care facilities over the next six to seven years – and the figure will be even higher for emerging markets.

“Our products are already used in over a hundred countries. If we focus on the development and marketing of smart products for the operating room, we'll be well placed to further strengthen our position in international markets. Competition is fierce, but we can use our high quality products and improved customer experience to our advantage,” says Josefin Hoviniemi, Merivaara's Director of Marketing & Domestic Sales.

Merivaara has renewed its Showroom in Lahti, and its corporate website. Hoviniemi also stresses the importance of networking and collaboration.

“Internationally speaking, we're rather a small player, but through collaboration we are stronger. We have, for example, teamed up with Halton and Hermetel to create an integrated operating room solution, Inoroom (, which consists of a clean room, a ventilation system and a smart operating room control system. Our new surgical light was developed together with a number of Finnish companies who lead the way in their respective fields. Manufacturing takes place at our facility in Lahti, Finland. This is one way we are doing our bit to boost Finnish competitiveness.”

See Fluent brochure in pdf format

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