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Grand Promerix

Powerful and smooth Grand Promerix is heavy-duty, yet versatile operating table for all kind of surgical procedures. Improved ergonomic design improves the comfort of the whole surgical team. Comfort leads to concentration, confidence and better co-operation. That’s efficiency.

C-arm access

The renewed slim base gives you perfect C-arm access. Grand Promerix meets even the strictest demands of modern operating theatres easily.

Improved ergonomics

Grand Promerix has lots of improved details for better ergonomics, for example, hidden, smaller castors and inwards cutout for increased foot space. Human-centric design at its best.

Increased hygiene

Details redesigned with patient safety in mind. Rethought frame make Grand Promerix hygienic and easy to clean.

Fluent Lock™

Our Fluent locking system is both user-friendly and reliable. Connect with one click.

Hygienic and easy to clean

New bellows and seat section make Grand Promerix hygienic and easy to clean.

New design - improved details

Improved details improve hygiene and ergonomics for the operating room staff.

TitelSlidingGrand Promerix - Non-Sliding
Längd (table top)2100 mm2100 mm
Bredd (table top)540 mm540 mm
Bredd (bas)652 mm652 mm
Höjdjustering650 - 1110 mm610 - 1070 mm
Max. patientvikt275 kg600 lb325 kg700 lb
Säker arbetsbelastning (SWL)275 kg600 lb325 kg700 lb
Chockläge-35 °-35 °
Anti-Chockläge+35 °+35 °
Huvudstödsjustering-45 - +45 °-45 - +45 °
Ryggsektionsjustering-45 - +80 °-45 - +80 °
Bensektionsjustering-105 - +70 °-95 - +70 °
Hjulstorlek8080 mm
Primärspänning100 - 240 V100 - 240 V
Sekundärspänning24 V24 V
Max. effektförbrukning700 W700 W
Frekvens47-63 Hz47-63 Hz
Vikt325 kg300 kg
Sidolutning-25 - +25 °-20 - +20 °
Nedre ramlängd1317 mm1317 mm
Max lyft kapacitet490 kg490 kg
Product Code100060000100060000