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Kidney and thorax head rest 60147

Head rest is specially designed to support the patient`s head specially on kidney and thorax area procedures where the head section is needed close to back section joint, or above of operating table back section. 

Adjustment range and dimensions:

  • Angle adjustment  - 180 ° – +90 °
  • Head section longitudinal shift 380 mm

 Order information:

145147 Head rest for kidney and thorax procedures with adapter 60146

1000 60147 Head rest for kidney and thorax procedures
1000 60146 Adapter for special head rest fixing

Bredd540 mm
Höjd300 mm
Tjocklek80 mm
Max. patientvikt180 kg
Säker arbetsbelastning (SWL)11 kg
Vikt5,2 kg
Product Code145147, 100060147