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M-999 Patient Transfer Scale (PTS)

The Patient Transfer Scale is a revolutionary way to weigh time critical or immobile patients in seconds. It is a transfer slide with in-built weighing scale, and means patients can be weighed during lateral transfer from trolley to bed, bed to bed or bed to operating table.

This helps you to reduce door to needle times and meet targets, and medication or treatment can be administered faster and with confidence by healthcare professionals. It also means less stress for staff, less stress for the patient, and the patient can be weighed with dignity.


Weigh immobile patients instantly and accurately during lateral transfer


A patient’s weight can be critical to delivering the right care and treatment at the right time. Getting a weight reading is particularly important when medication or treatment needs to be administered fast; however, in many cases it is not easy to weigh the patient.

The more accurate the weight reading, the more accurate the drug dosage and the more effectively the patient can be treated. The Patient Transfer Scale means that weight readings never need to be estimated again - so better patient care and patient outcomes.

Gaining an accurate weight for a patient is required as part of the five MUST (Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool) steps, to identify adults who are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition.

Product CodeM-999

• Class III Approved
• MDD Approved
• Transfer board with an in-built weighing scale
• A more dignified way of weighing, reducing stress for patients
• Provides an accurate weight to 500g
• Quick and easy to use
• Portable
• Large, clear digital weight display
• Wipe clean surface
• Hold of weight feature
• Hooks for wall mounting provided
• Magnetic mains charger provided
• Optional carry case